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    reality will most probably contain fewer nuclear-possessing states than the former.
    1NC - Semis
    Off case
    Text: The United States federal government should amend relevant definitions in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 to include algae-derived fuels eligible for all tax credits, subsidies, and price supports.
    Amending the RFS to include price supports for algae spurs green crude production. This provides clean renewable fuel – solves warming and crop shift
    Jason Pyle (Chief Executive Officer, Sapphire Energy) June 12 2008 "Renewable Fuels And Food Prices," CQ Congressional Testimony
    First, let me thank the Committee for its leadership on alternative, renewable fuels
    crops, or other natural resources. Sapphire has turned sunlight into gasoline.
    Obama political capital is key to compromises that allow passage – will bust out the hammer
    Justin Sink 7/15 "Obama takes push for immigration reform to Spanish-language TV",
    President Obama will look to intensify pressure on House Republicans to act on immigration reform
    that he shouldn~’t be involved in that discussion is foolish," McCain added.
    Plan drains capital
    LeoGrande, 12
    William M. LeoGrande School of Public Affairs American University, Professor of Government and a specialist in Latin American politics and U.S. foreign policy toward Latin America, Professor LeoGrande has been a frequent adviser to government and private sector agencies, 12/18/12,
    The Second Obama Administration Where in the executive branch will control over Cuba policy lie
    rarely happen unless the urgency of the problem forces policymakers to take action.
    PC is key and finite
    Nakamura 2/20 (David, "In interview, Obama says he has a year to get stuff done", 2013,, CMR)
    President Obama said Wednesday he~’s eager to move quickly to enact his second-term
    issues from tax reform, budget cuts, immigration reform and gun control.
    ====Impact – Immigration reform decreases terror risk—multiple mechanisms====
    Griswold 04 (Daniel, Senior Fellow @ CATO, Federal News Service, 4/1, lexis)
    MR. DANIEL GRISWOLD: Thank you, Chairman Chambliss, and members of the
    and it would enhance the federal government~’s ability to wage war on terrorism.
    Nuclear war—retaliation
    Patrick F. Speice, "Negligence and Nuclear Nonproliferation: Eliminating the Current Liability Barrier to Bilateral U.S.-Russian Nonproliferation Assistance Programs," WILLIAM %26 MARY LAW REVIEW v. 47, 2—06, p. 1437-1438.
    Accordingly, there is a significant and ever-present risk that terrorists could acquire
    increasing the number of casualties and potentially triggering a full-scale nuclear conflict
    China DA
    China~’s current economic strategy is allowing them to outpace US influence in Latin America – plan reverses that by offering a "NO STRINGS ATTACHED" economic policy
    Gallagher 6/18/13 – associate professor of international relations at Boston University (Kevin P, "Time for a U.S. Pivot to Latin America",, CMR)
    Increasingly, Latin American countries see China not as a rival but as a valuable
    . control, China offers up its loans come with few strings attached.
    US-Sino competition risks open conflict
    Ellis 6/6/13 – associate professor with the William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies (R Evan, "China~’s New Backyard",, CMR)
    The challenge to Washington from China~’s presence in the region also extends beyond economics and
    represent potential assets in a global asymmetric warfare campaign against the United States.
    Global nuclear war
    Hunkovic 9 (Lee J, American Military University, "The Chinese-Taiwanese Conflict: Possible Futures of a Confrontation between China, Taiwan and the United States of America", [[ Hunkovic.pdf-]])
    A war between China, Taiwan and the United States has the potential to escalate
    outcome, therefore, other countries will not be considered in this study.
    Cuban sugar ethanol will not hurt the U.S. corn industry
    (Jonathan Specht- Washington University in St Louis, 2012, "Raising Cane: Sugar Sugarcane Ethanol~’s Economic and Environmental Effects on the United States",
    Whether or not policy and law changes successfully encouraging the growth of a Cuban sugarcane
    Standard will provide a source of U.S. demand for ethanol.
    Additionally, while exposing the domestic ethanol industry to competition from imported ethanol might
    fructose corn syrup), corn oil, corn starch, and biodegradable plastics.
    Corn growth inevitable – india/china demand
    (Jonathan Specht- Washington University in St Louis, 2012, "Raising Cane: Sugar Sugarcane Ethanol~’s Economic and Environmental Effects on the United States",
    Even if corn-based ethanol production were to decline, U.S.
    demand for corn-based ethanol would not necessarily lead to low corn prices
    US farmers will not shift to sugar – cannot grow it and subsidies
    Voegele ~’09
    (Erin Voegele, February 04, 2009, "Sugarcane Economics",
    Sugarcane has been grown in the U.S. for centuries even though land
    , ethanol producers in most areas simply wouldn~’t be able to afford it.
    Warming is natural
    BELL 11-3-2010 (Larry, Prof at U Houston,
    Yes, there is no doubt about it. The planet is experiencing a siege
    (1777), and Napoleon~’s, a frigid retreat from Russia (1812).
    Negative feedbacks check the impact
    DE FREITAS 1-5-2011 (Chris de Freitas is an associate professor in the school of environment at the University of Auckland, NZ Herald,
    The degree of warming directly caused by the extra carbon dioxide is, by itself
    that support a theory or hypothesis. They are not resolved by ballot.
    Sugarcane mills lead to high levels of air pollution
    Eudel Eduardo Cepero ~’04 ("ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS
    FOR A CUBA IN TRANSITION" CTP, Cuba Transition Project, published 2004,
    Air. Cuba~’s precarious air quality is nothing new. Available statistics¶ report a
    enforcing the rules and¶ in handling the claims to eliminate the problem.
    SO2 causes warming- multiple feedback loops- all other studies fail because they don~’t assume other particles
    Science Daily, 10 (Best Hope for Saving Arctic Sea Ice Is Cutting Soot Emissions, Say Researchers, July 30, 2010, [[]])
    The quickest, best way to slow the rapid melting of Arctic sea ice is
    , the NASA high-end computing program and the National Science Foundation.
    SO2 causes acid rain
    China Daily January 12, 2011 A hard rain is falling as acid erodes beauty
    Official statistics show every drop of rain in Xiamen in the first half of 2010
    , said Wei Fusheng, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering.
    Turns biodiversity
    Daily Trust March 31, 2010 Mustapha Suleiman Staff writer
    Effects of acid rain on aquatic life: Apart from plants, acid rain also
    or brittle. Lack of calcium also causes deformed bones and weakened spines.
    Yes war
    Prefer specific scenarios - even if things make war more difficult it doesn~’t make it unthinkable
    James Wood Forsyth, Professor, National Security Studies and Thomas E. Griffith Jr., Dean of Faculty and Academic Programs, National War College, "Through the Glass Darkly: The Unlikely Demise of Great-Power War," STRATEGIC STUDIES QUARTERLY, Fall 2007,
    The United States cannot prepare to put down any and all potential rivals. The
    -power war has a bright future, however tragic that might seem.
    No impact—mass extinctions will be followed by recovery, not collapse
    Michael Ruse (Philosopher and Author) August 24 2002 The Globe and Mail
    Let me say straight out that this is the most egregiously mislabelled book I have
    a tempo of its own, apparently, and can continue despite disruptions..

    1NC - Quarters
    Russia Da
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